BIOL 133 Week 11 Chapter 15 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 11 Chapter 15 Study Questions with Answers

  1. What unusual feature does RNA polymerase II have in transcription termination?
  2. The type(s) of RNA that are directly involved in translation are which of the following. Select all that apply
  3. Basal transcription factors recruit RNA polymerase which combine together to form the ________.
  4. Elongation factors provide energy for translation by hydrolyzing what type of molecule?
  5. The codon AUG specifies the amino acid methionine. What would the tRNA anitcodon be that recognizes this codon?
  6. Mature tRNA has an amino acid binding site at one end and the other end interacts with the mRNA by complementary base pairing due to the ________.
  7. Which direction is the template DNA read by the RNA polymerase?
  8. The number of different stop codons is ________?
  9. Are the following enzymes involved in DNA replication or transcription?
  10. What causes RNA polymerase to stall so that the rho protein bumps into it and knocks it off the DNA?