BIOL 133 Week 7 Chapter 10 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 7 Chapter 10 Study Questions with Answers

  1. Place the order of events in chromosome packaging from beginning to end.
  2. Damaged DNA can potentially be repaired during which checkpoint. Select all that apply.
  3. A large cell will be initiated to divide because
  4. A cell’s entire amount of hereditary information is the
  5. Which molecule initiates the halt of the cycle when damaged DNA is detected in G1?
  6. In nature, there is an exception to every rule. Of the species below, which one has a very unusual genome that violates the “rule”?
  7. If there are 8 centromeres in metaphase, how many centromeres will be present in anaphase?
  8. If a researcher looks at a cell and notices a straight line of sister chromatids, which phase are they viewing?
  9. In which type of human cell(s) would 46 chromosomes be located? Select all that apply.
  10. When the p53 gene is damaged, which event may happen?