BIOL 133 Week 13 Chapter 17 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 13 Chapter 17 Study Questions with Answers

  1. An individual may have a mutation that causes them to break down a drug much more quickly than normal people. They were then provided with a higher dose, which was effective in treating the disease. This is an example of ________.
  2. Isolating all of the RNA out of an organism, subjecting it to reverse transcriptase, and then cloning all of the resulting DNA into plasmids is the process of creating
  3. A change in the level of an individual protein in a diseased cell is known as a
  4. In order to focus on only the expressed portions of DNA, what type of sequencing can be used?
  5. Three fish species are models for understanding different aspects of genes. Read the descriptions and decide what sort of genetics each is used for.
  6. Linkage analysis determines
  7. Before cellular DNA can be subjected to gel electrophoresis, what needs to happen?
  8. How can scientists tell how closely related two organisms are?
  9. ________ hotspots can decrease the accuracy of linkage maps.
  10. A species that is well studied so that we can learn more about the way we work is call a ________.