BIOL 133 Week 16 Chapter 20 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 16 Chapter 20 Study Questions with Answers

  1. When a gene is passed to bacteria of a different species that brings with it an important feature, the resulting bacteria would provide complications in determining ________.
  2. The only taxonomic name not capitalized is the ________.
  3. Evidence has been gathered over the years that indicate mitochondria and chloroplasts were once bacteria. This idea is termed
  4. What is the proper way of writing the scientific name for humans?
  5. The idea of maximum parsimony derives from the assumption that traits are more likely to be passed down from an ancestor rather than ________.
  6. In homologous structures like the wings of a bat and the wings of a bird, it isn’t just the wings that make them homologous. It is due to the more complicated
  7. Humans belong in the phylum Chordata. The name Chordata is also known as the
  8. Since phylogenetic trees are essentially ________, they are subject to revision as new information is obtained
  9. What type of event is usually associated with each branch on a phylogenetic tree?
  10. Organisms in a specific clade would not only have structural features in common, but also share what other types of features?