BIOL 133 Week 10 Chapter 14 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 10 Chapter 14 Study Questions with Answers

  1. If a DNA sample from an unknown organism has telomerase, the organism
  2. Why do purines have to pair with a pyrimidine?
  3. ________ creates fragments on the lagging strand.
  4. Chargaff’s rule is supported by what statement?
  5. What is the correct order of DNA compaction in eukaryotes?
  6. A mutation causes a codon to change from UAC to UAU, both of which specify tyrosine. This is an example of
  7. Some scientists have proposed that the earliest forms of life may have existed in an “RNA World” where RNA was both the genetic material and responsible for enzymatic activity. Imagine that you have recreated such a life form. What would demonstrate that RNA, but not protein or DNA, is necessary and sufficient for these functions?
  8. What is a major difference between DNA polymerase I and DNA polymerase III?
  9. An experiment started with 15N15N DNA. After two generations in 14N medium, E. coli will have
  10. Frameshift mutations occur when