BIOL 133 Week 3 Chapter 5 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Week 3 Chapter 5 – Study Questions with Answers

  1. How are the membrane components oriented?
  2. Molecules move from a high to low concentration in
  3. What is the first step in Na+-K+ pump?
  4. The impermeability of cell plasma membranes is a major barrier to using drugs to kill tumor cells or affect cells transgenically. CPPs are peptides that were discovered to have the ability to transport themselves (and even attached cargo) into cells. How they get into cells is still a mystery, but CPPs all have multiple positively charged groups. Which of the following membrane components are they most likely to be interacting with?
  5. What substance would have the slowest speed of passage across a selectively permeable membrane?
  6. If sodium does not move down its gradient in the co-transport pump, what would be the outcome?
  7. What protein is matched with its function?
  8. The fluid mosaic model describes membranes as fluid due to
  9. What molecule(s) could diffuse across the plasma membrane?