BIOL 133 Week 14 Chapter 18 – Question and Answers


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BIOL 133 Chapter 18 Week 14 Study Questions with Answers

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  1. Reproductive barriers increasing over time would lead to ________.
  2. At a family get-together, your uncle says “I don’t believe in that evolution stuff. Scientists are always saying that something evolved because of ‘a gene for eyes’ or ‘a gene for wings’. Well, that’s crazy – how can one single gene build an eye or a wing?” How do you reply?
  3. In the process of adaptive radiation, there is usually one species from which others will quickly diverge. This original species is known as the
  4. Evolution is
  5. The first bird that evolved the ability to fly now had habitats never before available and soon branched out into many different species utilizing different resources, which is an example of ________.
  6. The difference between dispersal and vicariance when considering allopatric speciation is that dispersal has organisms leaving the homeland for a different one while vicariance
  7. A donkey and a horse can mate and produce a mule. Why are they not considered to be the same species?
  8. A superhighway is put down in a field separating a population of snails. Over time, they acquire mutations and become two different species. This is an example of ________ speciation.
  9. The place where Darwin noticed finch and tortoise differences that helped him develop his theory of evolution was ________?
  10. Two species of birds have different mating songs and so do not interbreed. This is an example of ________