POLI 330N Week 5 Quiz 2 – Question and Answers


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POLI 330N Week 5 Quiz 2 – Question with Answers

  1. (TCO 5) Because they were often at war, ambitious European monarchs desperately needed revenues. Some of them started calling assemblies of notables to levy taxes. In return for their “power of the purse,” these assemblies received a modest input into royal policies. Such were the beginnings of the _____.
  2. (TCO 5) Countries with limits on government have usually had feudal pasts, which suggests what about the dispersion of power?
  3. (TCO 5) In a parliamentary system, voters directly elect _____.
  4. (TCO 5) Because of the separation of powers inherent in a presidential system, some scholars think that executive-legislative _____ is common in systems like that used in the United States.
  5. (TCO 5) The head of ministry is equivalent to the _____ in the United States.
  6. (TCO 5) Distinguish the process that a parliamentary system uses to oust a chief executive from the one available in the U.S. presidential system.
  7. (TCO 4) Which of the following issues is a civil concern?
  8. . (TCO 4) International law consists of _____ and established customs recognized by most nations.
  9. (TCO 4) What legal agency in the United States generates reputation-based ratings of prospective federal judges?
  10. (TCO 4) Which of the following was an argument against granting the U.S. Supreme Court the power of judicial review?