POLI 330N Final Exam 6 – Week 8 Question and Answers


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POLI 330N Final Exam Practice Questions – Answers

  1. What precedent did the 1945-1946 Nuremburg war crimes trials set for international law?
  2. POLI could be referred to the master science because POLI
  3. The notion that politicians think practically and political scientists think abstractly is indicative of which of the following
  4. When people base their views on beliefs that may not be based, they are behaving
  5. A political leader’s ability to command respect and exercise power is ……..as
  6. The notion that you respect the us congress, even though it is run by a party with which you do not agree, pertains to?
  7. Relating concepts in a way that connects them in an empirical manner is the basis of building
  8. A? is an initial theory starts with to be prove with evidence?
  9. Which type of law – which was develop by medieval catholic theologians – argues that observing nature reveals god’s will?
  10. Under which circumstances might a case be ….as both a criminal a civil case?
  11. Describe the significance of Marbury v Madison
  12. What legal agency in the united states generates reputation based ratings of prospective federal judges?
  13. How does the American concept of judicial review compare to the role of courts in foreign systems?
  14. Which of the following best articulates the stance of judicial restraint advocates?
  15. The supreme court’s decision in ______________ 1954 triggered a revolution in American race relations, an area congress had been unwilling to touch
  16. Why do the responsibilities of legislative and executive powers often overlap?
  17. a cabinet in europe is most like
  18. What is the effect of divided government, such as that used in the united states, on spending and policy formation
  19. Each division of government in a parliamentary system is ……..by a
  20. Distinguish the process that a parliamentary system uses to oust a chief executive from the one available in the united states presidential system
  21. What is the role of cabinet members
  22. Radicals use the term political economy instead of _____ to describe their critique of capitalism and the inequitable distribution of wealth among nations
  23. How do Keynesian economic policies differ from the traditional laissez-faire policies developed by Adam smith
  24. What event is largely consider responsible for deterring Johnson’s war on poverty poli 330n final exam
  25. Medical costs consume nearly __% of the us gross domestic product, most of it paid through government and private health insurance
  26. According to political scientist ira sharkansky all modern states are welfare states and all welfare states are
  27. How does American welfare state compare to those of other industrialized nations?
  28. Investigate what historically happens to conservatives when firms are supposedly too big to fail
  29. Rarely the work of small bands and conspirators alone ____ are usually the result of system collapse, which permits small but well-organize groups often military to take over
  30. What is likely to happen if the people are unhappy and there is no organization to focus their discontent
  31. Describe what can often happen in a changing society when, during times of prosperity some people get richer faster than others
  32. What are the aims of terrorists via their calculated acts of terrorism
  33. what is the crux of radical revolutionary thinking poli 330n final exam
  34. why is the middle east currently the breeding ground for considerable terrorist activity?
  35. Hannah Arendt pointed out that rage is the fuel of revolution, but what is now the greatest cause of rage