POLI 330N Week 7 Quiz 2 – Question and Answers


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POLI 330N Week 7 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. (TCO 9) Rarely the work of small bands and conspirators alone, _____ are usually the result of system collapse, which permits small but well-organized groups (often military) to take over.
  2. (TCO 9) Describe what can often happen in a changing society when, during times of prosperity, some people get rich faster than others.
  3. (TCO 9) What is likely to happen if the people are unhappy and there is no organization to focus their discontent?
  4. (TCO 9) Some states engage in _____, despite officially denouncing terrorism.
  5. (TCO 9) What is the crux of radical revolutionary thinking?
  6. (TCO 8) Countries generally sign treaties over which of the following concerns?
  7. (TCO 8) The recent global contraction brought a new wave of _____, as one country after another started to worry about keeping jobs at home.
  8. (TCO 8) _____ theory argues that leaders often misinterpret another nation’s actions as hostile and threatening, and consider their own actions to be merely defensive.
  9. (TCO 8) Identify one major flaw in the current organization of the United Nations.
  10. (TCO 8) Evaluate the changing role of sovereignty in today’s international relations.