AMP 425 Week 7 Benchmark, Social Media Strategy Analysis (Coca-Cola)


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AMP 425 Week 7 Benchmark Assignment

Coca Cola has a very wide target market. They are geared towards as they have many different consumer segments that they satisfy with their products. Most of their products satisfy all age groups. It is …..that most people of different age groups consume the Coca Cola product. When we view their social media campaigns and commercials, we see that they are based on the young generations, meaning that this is their main customer target segmentation.

For their social media marketing campaign while Coca Cola uses just about every form of social media that is available. Their main presence is on Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. They had a campaign not long ago that was ….the Coca Cola Happiness machine. Don’t remember it? “The Happiness Machines are classic Coke vending machines that dish out treats including drinks, pizza…………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

amp 425 week 7 benchmarkamp 425 week 7 benchmark