AMP 425 Week 2 Benchmark, Target Market Strategy (Water Filtration)


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AMP 425 Week 2 Benchmark Assignment

The development of a new product is a process that is easy to devise, but difficult to construct. Creating a new product requires careful planning as 50 percent of new products fail within the first year of distribution (Stock& Zacharias, 2011). The failure of introducing a new product stems from determining whether it is ….in the market. Ultimately, products fail to reach production or become obsolete within the first year of dispersal. Because manufacturers misunderstand consumer needs (Stock& Zacharias, 2011). This paper will reveal the idea of a new product that will serve two business markets. It will explain the process for entering each market, recognize potential barriers that may ensue. At the same time establishing the necessity for the product………….Continued (07 Pages with References)

amp 425 week 2 benchmarkamp 425 week 2 benchmark