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AMP 425 Week 6 Marketing and Distribution Channel Letter (Breast Pump)

AMP425 Week 6 Marketing and Distribution Channel letter (PSAT- NMSQT)

This assignment …..the student to think creatively.
The deliverable is a single-page letter addressed to a hypothetical website development company.
Place yourself in the role of a marketing executive in a hypothetical firm who is launching a new product that needs to be marketed.
Your firm has agreed to hire a professional website development company to market your product. The website developer needs the following information:

  • A brief description of the product
  • A description of the market channels
  • A description of the distribution channels

AMP 425 Week 6 Discussion 1

What are the characteristics of marketing channels? What three factors should be considered when designing one?

AMP425 Week 6 Discussion 2

What are the benefits of multiple marketing channels? Are there any disadvantages?amp 425 week 6