AMP 425 Week 4 Differentiating Goods & Services (SonsRay Machinery)


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AMP 425 Week 4 Assignment, Differentiating Between Goods and Services (SonsRay Machinery)

At some point, every person will either acquire a good or receive a service. There is a wide variety of goods and services that are offered around the world. Varying by where one lives, there will be different goods and services that are offered. According to Kerin and Hartley (2016) a good is something that “has tangible attributes that a consumer’s five sense can perceive” and a service is something that is an “intangible activities or benefit that an organization provides to satisfy customers’ needs in exchange for money or something else of value” (p. 214). An example of a company that offers both goods and services is SonsRay Machinery. They offer…………… Continued (04 Pages with References)

amp 425 week 4amp 425 week 4