AMP 425 Week 5 Assignment, Rebranding Strategy (American Girl Dolls)


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AMP 425 Week 5 Assignment

It is very important for a brand to remain strong while they are in business. If the organization wishes to succeed and stay successful, it must recruit new customers and retain old customers. With the large range of brands all under the same company, is it easy for the branches of the main brand to get lost and suffer more than others. Rebranding is not a choice that is easy for any company to decide to do. It is challenging to look at the product from a different position (Todor, 2014, p. 64). This paper will entail a rebranding strategy for American Girl Dolls. This rebranding strategy will address the product with a new name, packaging, price point, product position, advertising strategy, distribution method, and…………Continued (06 Pages with References)

amp 425 week 5 assignmentamp 425 week 5 assignment