AMP 425 Week 2 Benchmark, Target Market Strategy (The Stream Clean)


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AMP 425 Week 2 Benchmark Assignment

The Stream Clean is an all-in-one mobile cleaning system that is ….to clean restrooms and other heavily soiled areas. This will be at a fraction of the time that it would take to clean them using a mop and bucket. The Stream Clean is compact, cost-effective and easy to use. The Stream Clean is perfect for detail cleaning in a fraction of the time. It has a built in 500 psi pump system, a 10-gallon wet-vac system with a 20-foot hose. The Stream Clean comes with squeegee head and grout floor brush, easy dumping system for soiled water, a 10-gallon fresh water tank, swivel wand, and a variable pressure gun, a standard CR2 tool kit that features a 45′ hose. Some of the safety features include…………….Continued (06 Pages with References)amp 425 week 2 benchmark assignment

amp 425 week 2 benchmark