COUN-6360-23 Week 5 Quiz with Answers (Winter 2021)


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COUN-6360-23-Assessment in Counseling-2021-Winter-QTR-Term-wks-1-thru-10

  1. Concurrent validity is to criterion-related validity as discriminant validity is to construct validity.
  2. The most important form of content validity is face validity.
  3. Which of the following is NOT related to testing worthiness?
  4. “When a test has been shown to produce consistent test results, it has which of the following?”
  5. Cross-cultural fairness in testing has always been a critical factor in the development of tests.
  6. Item Response Theory (IRT) has the advantage over Classical Test Theory in that it provides more detailed information regarding each item in a test.
  7. Alternate form reliability eliminates some of the problems found in test-retest reliability but raises other concerns.
  8. Concurrent and predictive validity are types of:
  9. Probably, the most basic form of validity is content validity.
  10. “A determination is made as to how scores on individual items relate to each other or to the test as a whole.” This statement refers to which kind of reliability?