COUN-6360-15 Week 7 Quiz – Question and Answers


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COUN 6360 Week 7 Quiz

  1. If you have the raw scores of two individuals on a norm-referenced test, which of the following is important in terms of making meaning of those scores?
  2. On a normally distributed curve, raw scores may become meaningful if you know the standard deviation and mean of the group.
  3. Which statement is usually NOT true about all norm-referenced standardized achievement tests?
  4. NCEs range from 1 to 99 along the bell-shaped curve, but as opposed to percentiles, they are in equal units along curve.
  5. Match the type of scale with the definition.
  6. Percentiles are a reflection of the distribution of scores along a curve.
  7. A student received a score on a norm-referenced standardized test that was ?
  8. z-scores below the mean. This person scored better than approximately 16 percent of his or her norm group.
  9. On normally distributed curves, which of the following is NOT true?
  10. A standard deviation of 2 is a percentile rank of about 98.