COUN 6360 Week 5 Quiz – Question and Answers (Ver 3)


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COUN 6360 Week 5 Quiz

  1. “A test developer creates a new instrument to measure depression. He correlates this instrument with an existing test that measures anxiety. The test developer hopes to not find a high correlation, thus assuring the integrity of the construct he is measuring. This type of validity is called:”
  2. One problem with parallel forms reliability is that individuals may look up questions between the time they take the two tests.
  3. In assessing the reliability of a new test, a sample of 1,000 examinees take the test, and one week later are asked to take the same test agaThis is an example of which type of reliability?
  4. Practicality has to do with all of the following EXCEPT:
  5. Concurrent validity is to criterion-related validity as discriminant validity is to construct validity.
  6. The Spearman-Brown formula is for which purpose?
  7. The Americans with Disabilities Act asserted:
  8. Which of the following is NOT a type of reliability?
  9. When one “attempts to estimate the reliability of all the possible split half combinations” of a test, one is assessing what kind of reliability?