COUN 6360 Week 5 Quiz – Question and Answers (Ver 4)




COUN 6360 Week 5 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT a type of reliability?
  2. A type of reliability in which half of the test items are correlated with the other half is called:
  3. The Carl Perkins Act (PL 98-524) asserted:
  4. Griggs Duke Power Company asserted:
  5. Probably, the most basic form of validity is content validity.
  6. “A test developer creates a new instrument to measure depression. He correlates this instrument with an existing test that measures anxiety. The test developer hopes to not find a high correlation, thus assuring the integrity of the construct he is measuring. This type of validity is called:”
  7. Match each description to the term or concept listed below.
  8. Uses the score of one variable to predict a range of scores for a second variable.
  9. The degree to which an instrument’s scores are free from error of measurement.
  10. Which of the following has the strongest correlation?
  11. One problem with giving two forms of the same test is that, despite the publisher’s attempt to make them similar, there could be major differencThis problem is most closely associated with which type of reliability?
  12. The Spearman-Brown formula is for which purpose?