HCA 430 Week 3 Community Level Barriers Vulnerable Mothers & Children


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HCA 430 Week 3 Assignment, Community-Level Barriers for Vulnerable Mothers and Children

Vulnerable mothers and children need to be able to feel safe and know that they have all the resources and help they need to be able to stay healthy and care for their children.  The program will help anyone in need and does not matter their income, age, or social status. Because there are no barriers when it comes to helping the mothers and children in need.  The vulnerable population for mothers and children will be healthier. It will prevent less infant mortality and premature births by allowing and approving the proposed programs that will be discussed.

Vulnerable mothers and children have many factors they deal with on a daily basis and two major factors are age and income.  These factors relate because most of the women that are pregnant are teenagers. Some are not even 13 years of age, and they are not being ……………Continued (08 Pages with References)

hca 430 week 3hca 430 week 3