HCA 430 Week 4 Discussion Question 1 and 2 with Answers


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HCA 430 Week 4 Discussion 1, Economic Dynamics of Health Care Delivery Models

After reading Chapter 7 and the required resources for this week, consider the following scenario:

HIV Help-Inc., a non-profit organization focusing on the prevention of HIV/AIDS just received a $10 million grant to fund several projects. The organization is currently located in an older building that needs extensive repairs. The organization is using outdated office equipment In addition, one additional staff member is needed in order to keep up with incoming phone calls and requests for presentations and community outreach activities. A portion of the grant – $2 million – is allotted for business improvements which can address one of these three areas: repairs to building, outdated office equipment, and more staff. The remaining $8 million is to be …..to further enhance the continuum of care level to provide access to preventive health services.

  • Section A:Create a cost benefit analysis for an update that will improve the business: structural, office equipment, or staff. You can be creative in determining what the business needs. The cost will use the full amount of funds allotted to this improvement ($2 Million). So you can only improve one of these three needs.
  • Section B: Create a cost effective analysis to determine how to best spend the $8 million portion of the grant funding on education and other preventive services.
HCA 430 Week 4 Discussion 2, Regulatory, Legal, Ethical, and Accreditation Issues in Research

As highlighted in Chapter 9 of your course text, three research methods are available (descriptive, analytic, and evaluative). Discuss these methods and give one example of how each would be ……when conducting research using homeless individuals as subjects. Analyze regulatory, accreditation, ethical, and legal issues and challenges related to each research method.

HCA 430 Week 4 Discussion 3, Program Goals and Outcomes

According to the text, there are two strategies that can be …..to evaluate program outcomes: cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis. Select a community-based program. Examine the program outcomes. (Note: You may use the same program you selected for week three’s discussion forum.) Answer the following question: Are the program outcomes ……from a cost-benefit perspective or a cost-effectiveness perspective or both perspectives?hca 430 week 4