HCA 430 Week 5 Final,Community Services (Substance Abuse or Alcohol)


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HCA 430 Week 5 Final Paper, Community Services (Substance Abuse or Alcohol)

The growing drug epidemic is overtaking our nation; this is one issue that is being seen in many communities. In an ideal society, everyone would be drug or alcohol-free. Today though drug and alcohol abuse is ….a dangerous issue, and many people go untreated from this disease. In many cities or small counties around the United States, communities are dealing with issues of abuse in all different forms. Throughout this paper, we will discuss these individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. I will also describe the health services they will be ….through my proposed drug rehabilitation program.

This paper will examine the statistical data of those who suffer from drug or alcohol in West Virginia. I will further examine the cultural and social norms of these individuals and why this program is ….within my state. I will discuss the basis of my proposed design and how this program can answer and provide continuous care to those who suffer from this serious disease……………….Continued (14 Pages with References)

hca 430 week 5hca 430 week 5