HCA 430 Week 2 Vulnerable Population and Program (Mental Health)


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HCA 430 Week 2 Assignment, Vulnerable Population Summary and Proposed Program (Mental Health Barriers)

In the previous discussion, facts were ….on the model program, Mental Health Awareness (MHA), which was designed to focus solely on the emotional, psychological, and social mind of people affected with mental illnesses like depression. Mental illnesses are a very serious disorder, and can affect ways of thinking, mood, and behavior. It can also be occasional feelings or long-lasting making it difficult to perform daily activities of living. Today‚Äôs discussion will give detailed information and knowledgeable statistics data that will open up critical points and help entail what this program does to assist people in living with depression; one of the most common mental illnesses…………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

hca 430 week 2hca 430 week 2