HCA 430 Week 3 Assignment, Discussion 1 and 2 – Entire


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HCA 430 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment of Community Level Barriers (HIV/AIDS)

HCA430 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment of Community Level Barriers (Health Care)

HCA430 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment of Community Level Barriers (Substance Abuse and Alcohol)

HCA_430 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment of Community Level Barriers (Vulnerable Mothers and Children)


HCA 430 Week 3 Discussion 1, Cost of Health Care

Our health, or the absence of such, can be very expensive. Many vulnerable populations simply do not have private funds available to pay for their care. Relating your research to

individuals with mental conditions, select a mental illness of your choice and discuss your response to the following questions:

• What public financing resources are available to individuals with this particular mental condition?

• What-are the eligibility requirements and restrictions to receive these funds?

• What happens if eligibility standards/requirements are not met by those with this illness?

• Research and discuss two methods of alternative funding for care for this group. What are the benefits and limitations of the methods you discussed? 

HCA 430 Week 3 Discussion 2, Barriers to Care

Suicide and homicide are violent actions reported in the news daily. Individuals suffering from abuse, depression, mental disorders, or substance-abuse disorders are at an increased risk for committing suicide or homicide. Factors that contribute to the risk are age, gender, socio-economic status, and race/ethnicity. Additionally, situations that cause extreme life or job stress, such as those seen when a loved one dies or by military personnel, can contribute to the risk. Chapter 6 of your course text highlights barriers to care relating to the vulnerable and this population group in particular. For this discussion:

• Locate and share statistical data for your community on annual suicide and homicide rates.

• Identify and briefly describe one organizational barrier and one financial barrier relating to the suicide- and homicide-prone.

• Create two recommendations on ways each of these barriers can be reduced or eliminated.

• Identify two local resources available for suicide- or homicide-prone individuals.

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