HCA 430 Week 2 Vulnerable Population & Program (Mothers & Child)


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HCA 430 Week 2 Assignment, Vulnerable Population Summary and Proposed Program (Vulnerable Mothers and Children)

Vulnerable mothers and children have many factors they deal with on a daily basis and two major factors are age and income.  These factors relate because most of the women that are pregnant are teenagers. Some are not even 13 years of age, and they are not being treated properly.  Most women are not visiting a provider regularly, they are not taking prenatal vitamins. That is why rate of infant mortality and premature labor are happening very often. “The prevalence of low birth weight occurrences in mothers under age 15 may partially be due to the reluctance of those mothers to seek appropriate prenatal care,” (Burkholder & Nash, 2013). Income is another major factor since many mothers and children are living in low poverty and the poorest neighborhoods………………Continued (05 Pages with References)

hca 430 week 2hca 430 week 2