HCA 430 Week 2 Vulnerable Population Summary & Proposed Program 2


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HCA 430 Week 2 Assignment, Vulnerable Population Summary and Proposed Program (HIV-AIDS)

There has been a growing prevalence of people that are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. The numbers of people that are affected in the society have increased over the years because of different scenarios. This has led to great concern by the government. It has tried implementing many different projects that will lead to curtailing the spread of the disease but it has little or no effect on the disease. This is because every year there is an increase of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. There needs to an appropriate method that addresses the problems that lead to the spread and increase of HIV/AIDS. The method should concentrate on the society more so that when implemented it is a success. This proposal hopes to address these issues and come up with a solution that will work……………..Continued (5 Pages with References)

hca 430 week 2hca 430 week 2