ENT 435 Week 7 CLC Assignment Phase 3, Presenting Plan Powerpoint 2


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ENT 435 Week 7 CLC Assignment 2, Phase 3-Presenting the Plan (Free Flow GPS System)

This is a CLC assignment.

In Phase 3, your team will prepare a presentation to recommend your implementation plan to the appropriate audience for your innovation (e.g., venture capitalists, your CEO, your board of directors, etc.). Your goal is to persuade the audience to back your plan. Prepare 10-15 professionally developed presentation slides that accomplish the following:

1-    Describe the innovation and its value to both customers and the organization/entity to which you are pitching your idea.

2-    Review the implementation plan in significant enough depth to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the implementation process.

3-    Include a cost/benefit analysis appropriate for your particular audience.

Ensure your slides are visually appealing and conform to conventions of effective slide design. Include a reference slide with a minimum of three secondary resources utilized in the development of your presentation.

(10 Slides, with References, Speaker’s Notes)

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