ENT 435 Week 3 CLC, Proposing, Evaluating & Selecting Innovation 3


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ENT 435 Week 3 CLC Assignment Phase 1, Proposing, Evaluating and Selecting Innovation Paper 3 (Free Flow GPS System)

Technology changes every day, and with these changes come motivating innovations. The first innovation that was ……was the installation of Smart Board’s in the classrooms of under-privileged school districts. Another innovation that was …..was a Diabetic Rehabilitation Facility. This would help diabetics overcome the obstacles that are blocking them from a healthy lifestyle. The third innovation that was considered was the Free Flow Traffic GPS that would allow drivers to map out their driving directions based on traffic flow patterns. Evaluating the innovations was an arduous task involving the use of a couple of evaluation models, The SNIFF model and the 7 “C’s” model. Ultimately the Free Flow Traffic GPS was ………….. Continued (06 Pages with References)

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