ENT 435 Week 3 Phase 1, Proposing, Evaluating & Selecting Innovation 1


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ENT 435 Week 3 CLC Assignment Phase 1, Proposing, Evaluating and Selecting an Innovation Paper 1

In order for an organization to have a competitive advantage, they must have the ability to create new ideas. This creates challenges for an organization because of the differences within the business and its leaders. The organization’s choice in what direction to move, could be the difference on how it stays relevant within the global market and its profit intake. It is imperative that an organization creates innovative products and/services by talking and networking within diverse groups (Skarzynnski & Gibson, 2008). It is important that an organization can create a community within itself, which will bring success to the company. Not every idea will be successful or meet the criteria of the company.

Utilizing the capability of testing and research, it will be beneficial in finding the direction the company needs to move towards. The White Team will demonstrate this process by researching each individual idea/proposal. The team will then choose one to develop and investigate. A created plan will be put into play in which each individual will impart their ideas for its development………………Continued (07 Pages with References)

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Mobility for Special Needs Community

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