ENT 435 Week 6 CLC Phase 2, Developing the Implementation Plan 2


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ENT 435 Week 6 CLC Assignment Phase 2, Developing the Implementation Plan Paper 2

The market is an ever-changing environment that has multiple internal and external factors. The best way for a company to stay ahead of the curve is to create a culture of innovation. The company  foster that environment to continually grow in the right direction. For a company to innovate and bring changing products or services into the market, they must have the tools and utilization to do so. Companies can achieve this by developing new products or models to use in the consumer world.

Gentle One is an innovation to the medical grade breast pump that is currently on the market. The goal of Gentle One is to be the most effective breast pump in milk retrieval and the most comfortable for mothers. Gentle One will imitate a baby’s suckling pattern which will retrieve more milk and reduce the pain associated with using……….Continued (12 Pages with References)

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