ENT 435 Week 6 CLC Phase 2, Developing the Implementation Plan 1


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ENT 435 Week 6 CLC Phase 2 Assignment, Developing the Implementation Plan Paper 1

As a team, we decided to implement the Innovation Pipeline as a means for a detailed plan for the Free Flow GPS system. The basic steps of the lifecycle include ideation, evaluation, development, and commercialization. During the ideation process, as a team, we could use informal brainstorming and random discussion. This come to conclusion that the Free Flow GPS system would be a great product to put out into the market. It could potentially increase revenues for the company that incorporates this technology into their current GPS systems. Many users could also potentially save time and money. They reduce frustration in their daily commute, and quite possibly reduce the instances of road rage. After the group generates some ideas about the GPS system the next process in the Pipeline is . ……..Continued (09 Pages with References)

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