ENT 435 Week 2 Assignment 1, Importance of Innovation Architecture 2


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ENT 435 Week 2 Assignment, Importance of Innovation Architecture Paper 2

(Selected Organizations: Amazon, TCS and Cola-Cola)

In many organizations creating innovation is essential because it creates the innovative exchange of ideas. There should be …..strategies to promote optimal performance and development of creative thinking in such atmospheres.  Growth on bottom line is not enough for any business who wants to remain a competitive company in the modern age.  Companies must develop new ideas, thoughts, and culture of innovation to align them with fast developing industries.  Not doing so will remove them from the competition.

To gain long term success there are emergencies of several variables that needed to be played out.  Employee motivation is a major essential factor that should be taken into consideration to create innovation, and innovation is necessary for sustainability of the………..Continued (09 Pages with References)ent 435 week 2


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