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ENT 435 Week 1 Discussion 1

Hypothesize a set of at least three arguments as to why innovation is important to the competitiveness of nations, companies, leaders, and individual employees.

ENT 435 Week 1 Discussion 2

Provide a definition of innovation based on researching the topic.

ENT435 Week 2 Discussion 1

Why is it important to balance chaos and order as well as evolution and revolution?

ENT 435 Week 2 Discussion 2

Identify three conditions that would need to be implemented (or have already been implemented) in your organization to create a culture of innovation and change.

ENT435 Week 3 Discussion 1

Explain how the account of biblical creation can be viewed as a model for innovative and creative leaders when managing chaos.

ENT 435 Week 3 Discussion 2

Hypothesize why it is important for leaders both to create and enable chaos as well as a clear sense of purpose in organizations.

ENT435 Week 4 Discussion 1

Research and describe a product ideation model or methodology. Describe the ideation approach and how you might use it in your collaboration assignment for this module.

ENT 435 Week 4 Discussion 2

Explain the importance of using a structured innovation process in your organization to enable innovation.

ENT435 Week 5 Discussion 1

Identify three catalysts to enable innovativeness. Explain how they would enable innovation in your organization.

ENT 435 Week 5 Discussion 2

Considering the product or service idea your CLC team identified in Module 4, answer the question: Does the product or service your team created/identified have the power to dramatically reset customer expectation? Why or why not? Will it have an impact on customers?

ENT 435 Week 6 Discussion 1

How can the risks of innovation be addressed and/or managed?

ENT435 Week 6 Discussion 2

How can organizational alliances be used to support implementation?

ENT 435 Week 7 Discussion 1

Describe what an innovation measurement system would focus on in your organization. Identify how you might use it to support your innovations.

ENT435 Week 7 Discussion 2

Create two measures of innovation for your organization. Why would these measurements be valuable?

ENT 435 Week 8 Discussion 1

If you were on the recruiting team to find a new CEO for a company where the board mandate was to focus on embedding innovation into the DNA of the company, what attributes would you describe as being the “must haves?”

ENT435 Week 8 Discussion 2

What two things would you personally do within the next 2 years to further develop your innovation capability?ent 435 discussion question