HLTH 4200 Week 1 Quiz – Question and Answers


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HLTH-4200-1,Principles of Epidemiology.2020 Spring Qtr 02/24-05/17-PT3

Review Test Submission: Quiz – Week 1

  1. The London cholera epidemic of 1848 was traced to the Broad Street pump by whom?
  2. Epidemiology is concerned with all of the following EXCEPT:
  3. Select all that apply. What factors comprise the epidemiologic triangle?
  4. Select all that apply.The site where a disease agent enters the body is the .
  5. Match the following methods of direct transmission of an infectious disease with their definition.
  6. Vaccination is an example of what type of prevention?
  7. Health education programs about the hazards of starting smoking are examples of secondary prevention.
  8. The Centers for Disease Control published an article concerning the high rate of foot fungal disease in New Orleans. The article explains that there has been a high rate of foot fungal disease in New Orleans for decades. Foot fungal disease in New Orleans is best described as .
  9. In the definition of epidemiology, the terms “distribution” and “determinants” taken together refer to:
  10. During the second week of February, 87 persons in a small community (population 460) attended a social event that included a meal prepared by several of the participants. Within 3 days, 39 of the participants became ill with a condition diagnosed as salmonellosis.The attack rate among participants was          .