COUN 8311/COUN-6311S/COUN-6311D Week 4 Quiz (Spring 2022)





Quiz – Week 4

  1. Which example is not how a school counselor can practice distributed leadership?
  2. What is a key component of the implementation of an action plan?
  3. All the following responses can be examples of how school counselors practice distributed leadership EXCEPT:
  4. An example of a properly formatted SMART goal is:
  5. When a school counselor has created a goal that students do not meet by the end date, best practices suggest ending the initiative and locating an alternative population or topic to address during the following school year.
  6. What implementation steps are required in an Action Plan/Results Report?
  7. “Chairing a committee on campus climate, serving as an advisor to a student group, and serving on a school-wide student issues committee” are all examples of:
  8. While attending the state ASCA conference, Justice Star was introduced to an evidence-based anger-management program to use with 8th-grade boys. Justice has already identified students who would benefit from this small-group activity. When Justice gets back to school, how many sessions are recommended to measure the effectiveness of these small-group efforts?
  9. The ASCA National Model emphasizes that a program of effective leadership, collaboration, and advocacy will result in:
  10. What piece of data is missing in the following program goal? By May 5, 2022, students who had 15–20 absences during the first semester will decrease the number of absences by 10%.
  11. School counselors maintain and communicate high expectations for every student, regardless of cultural, social, or economic background.
  12. An example of a properly formatted SMART goal is:
  13. Vision statements can include all the following components, except:
  14. Closing-the-gap action plans identify:
  15. Which of the following is not data collected by school counselors?
  16. Dr. S.C. is implementing a brand-new friendship curriculum at school. Dr. S.C. would like for 75% of kindergarteners (225 out of 300) to be able to identify 4 behaviors of good friends verbally or in drawings by the end of the 1st semester of school. When creating the action plan, which of the following Mindsets & Behaviors would be the best choices for Dr. S.C. to address?
  17. The statement, “Working together with others, cooperating” defines:
  18. Which element of the ASCA National Model includes the writing of the mission statement?
  19. When school counselors are articulating what the school can do for students and how the comprehensive school counseling program moves the school toward that goal, they are establishing a:
  20. Which setting provides the best way to ensure that students in a targeted action plan are in the best position to learn the skills, attitude, or information shared by school counselors?
  21. A person who speaks writes, or acts to promote the well-being of students, parents/guardians, and the school counseling profession.
  22. School counselors advocate to close the information, opportunity, intervention, and attainment gaps for all students.
  23. School counselors provide leadership to create systemic change to enhance the school and collaborate with appropriate officials to remove barriers that may impede the effectiveness of the school or the school counseling program.
  24. A horizontal school counselor leader may: