PUBH 6034D-PUBH 6034N-PUBH 6034P Module 1 Quiz


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Quiz – Module 1

  1. Bioaccumulation is the .
  2. The three major routes of human exposure to environmental contaminants are
  3. The phrase contact with the human envelope is a common definition of
  4. In toxicity testing in rodents, the LD50 is a dose that is .
  5. Conceptually, a reference dose is a dose that .
  6. The Ames test is a test of a chemical’s .
  7. In doing a risk assessment for a chemical, the usual assumption is that
  8. Which of the following is/are considered a route(s) of excretion from the body?
  9. The precautionary principle is most closely related to .
  10. If wastes are spilled on the ground within the recharge area of an aquifer, the wastes may .
  11. Which of the following environmental media is commonly associated with all three major routes of exposure?
  12. Conceptually, a reference dose is a dose that has no adverse effects in
  13. Which of the following is an example of a biomarker?
  14. A highly volatile chemical is most likely to be found in .
  15. An exposure pathway connects to .