PSYC 2005 Week 2 Quiz with Answers (Winter 2021)


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PSYC 2005 Week 2 Quiz

  1. According to research on the impact of religion on prosocial behavior, religious people:
  2. Timothy just got into a big fight with his girlfriend, and as a result, he is in a bad mood. When Kate asks him to contribute to her charity organization, Timothy readily agrees, which makes him feel better. Timothy’s behavior can best be explained by:
  3. According to the urban overload hypothesis, people in cities should be less likely to help than people in small towns because:
  4. According to research on the impact of religion on helping behavior, if Dr. Hinford, a devoutly religious man, makes a donation to a children’s charity, he is most likely to do it:
  5. Research has demonstrated that people will help in-group members because:
  6. The “feel good, do good” e#ect in studies of prosocial behavior refers to the idea that:
  7. A woman has just been in a car accident and needs someone to get her out of her car. A man has AIDS and needs someone to take him to the hospital for ongoing treatments. According to the research on gender di#erences in prosocial behavior, which of the following is most likely to be true?
  8. Sheng was on the subway when he noticed a man lying slumped over on the seat. Sheng looked around at the other passengers, who seemed calm and unconcerned. Sheng concluded that the man was probably okay. However, the other passengers may have been looking around at Joseph, to see how he reacted. This would be an example of:
  9. According to Milgram’s (1970) hypothesis, compared to rural dwellers, people in large cities are bombarded with stimulation and work to reduce it by keeping to themselves.
  10. The variable a researcher measures to see if it is a#ected in the experiment is called the:
  11. In describing the intricacies of cross-cultural research, the authors of your text assert that it is not as simple as translating one’s materials into an appropriate language, traveling to another culture, and conducting the experiment there. Which of the following statements best captures the role of construals in making cross-cultural research very di$cult to do?
  12. Complete the following analogy about research methods in social psychology: observational:
  13. Recall that Latané and Darley observed the number of participants in each experimental condition who left their cubicles to help the alleged victim of a seizure. The was the independent variable in their experiment.
  14. The variable that the researcher changes or varies to see if it has an e#ect is called the:
  15. Which of the following pairs of variables are most likely to be negatively correlated?
  16. What do observational and correlational research have in common?
  17. Many times, in social psychological research, it is often the case that when external validity is
  18. Relative to laboratory-based experiments, field experiments tend to be high in:
  19. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing had been mandatory for certain people who work with trauma; based on the evidence presented in your text, what would you recommend to police and fire departments about requiring CISD for all employees?