BUSI 2001 Week 4 Quiz – Question and Answers


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BUSI 2001 Week 4 Quiz with Answers

  1. Abbot accepted Milligan’s oral offer to sell a small parcel of real property. This agreement is
  2. Usury laws provide protection in a contract that is
  3. The rule states that when a contract has been put in writing as the final and complete statement of the agreement between the parties, evidence of an agreement prior to or at the time of signing cannot be presented in court to change the terms of the written agreement.
  4. An example of a licensing statute is one that
  5. Aaron bet Bobby that a certain candidate would win the presidential election. Aaron’s candidate won the election, but Bobby refused to pay the bet. In most states, Aaron could not enforce the agreement legally because
  6. An agreement to rob a bank is an example of a
  7. When a clause in a non-compete contract is too restrictive, most courts generally
  8. Which of the following is not required to be in writing?
  9. A contract for the sale of goods or merchandise for $495.00 is
  10. If an agreement is partially legal and partially illegal, the