CRJS 1001 Final Exam Week 6 – Question and Answers (Set 2)


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CRJS 1001 Final Exam Week 6 – Contemp Crim Just System

  1. Is it unethical for a judge to be good friends with the lawyers on both sides of a case?
  2. Which of the following scenarios constitutes judicial misconduct?
  3. The most powerful role in the courts within the criminal justice system is the:
  4. Suzanne was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, who was later arrested. There is a trial scheduled, but Suzanne does not want to testify, because she does not want to face her ex-boyfriend in court. She is also intimidated by the courtroom, as she has never been involved in any criminal justice or other court-related situations. Who is the best person to help Suzanne deal with her fear and intimidation?
  5. The Strickland Test applies to:
  6. Other than the police officers making the arrest, who will explain his or her rights to the offender?
  7. Match each of these characteristics with the appropriate court members.
  8. Judge Malay has recently come under fire when a local news reporter researching the court systems discovered that Malay has historically and overwhelmingly decided court cases positively for members of the community who are wealthy. At the same time, the judge has more harshly and more frequently punished those who are considered poor. For which of these should Judge Malay be investigated?
  9. Match the methods of judge selection to the appropriate characteristics.
  10. Judges may be involved in which of the following stages of the criminal justice system? Select all that apply.
  11. David is a used car salesman. While clearing out a recent trade-in, he discovered a few duffle bags in the trunk. He found illegal narcotics folded within the clothes in one bag. David tried to sell the drugs, but he sold them to an undercover police officer. Based only on the facts in this scenario, what would David need to prove to make him potentially eligible for a diversion program?
  12. It costs approximately to house a single inmate in prison for one year. This is an average, and the range can vary widely.
  13. Match these punishment styles with the time periods in which they were prevalent.
  14. Although more than 1 million people in the United States are serving time in prison, the numbers have dropped in recent years. Which of the following is a reason for this decrease?
  15. Priscilla is 19 years old. At a young age, she already has an arrest record for drug possession, selling drugs, and prostitution.
  16. She has been in and out of corrections, including the juvenile center, since she was 14. What might be done to help Priscilla change her pattern and improve her life? Select all that apply.
  17. Match these characteristics with their category of new inmate classification.
  18. The most dangerous prisoners in the United States are housed at a Supermax prison near:
  19. George is a 22-year-old student who, on a dare, stole a carton of cigarettes and a 6-pack of beer from a local convenience store near the college he attends. After his surveillance picture was shared on campus, George was identified and arrested. Select all the reasons that George may be eligible for probation.
  20. George is given probation for his offense of stealing cigarettes and beer from the convenience store. While on probation, however, he shows up at a party, drinks too much, and, while driving home, slams into another car, killing one of its passengers. What type of violation is this?
  21. What will a judge take into consideration when trying to decide whether to grant an inmate parole? Select all that apply.
  22. If a defendant completes a court-ordered program in a post-plea case, his initial guilty plea will be:
  23. Electronic monitoring is a form of .
  24. Mariah was just released from jail after her fourth DWI arrest. She has never hurt anyone while driving under the influence of alcohol. She now has a car breathalyzer into which she must blow to start her car. If her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over a certain limit, her car will not start. Which goal of punishment does this fall under?
  25. Robert was just released from jail after his fifth arrest for public intoxication. He is court-ordered to begin Alcoholics Anonymous and make regular visits with a counselor. Which goal of punishment does this fall under?
  26. Jon was asked by Phillip for a ride to the convenience store due to Phillip’s car being in the shop. In the convenience store, Phillip pulled out a gun and told the clerk to empty the register. When the clerk hesitated, Phillip shot the clerk in the arm; he and Jon ran from the store. A few blocks from the store, Phillip threw the gun out the window of the car. A week later, the police arrested Jon and Phillip. Which of the following options might best help Jon in this situation?
  27. In which of these scenarios might the defendant choose to plead guilty rather than go to a jury trial? (Select all that apply.)
  28. The criminal justice process begins upon:
  29. Of all the court cases heard across the United States each year, are heard by state-level judges.
  30. In the upcoming election, Manny Lopez is running against Carole Harrington for judge. Lopez is a Democrat and Harrington is a Republican. Which method of selection is utilized in this scenario?