NURS 6552 Final Exam – Question and Answers




NURS 6552 Final Exam

  1. In a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, the fundus is typically the same height as:
  2. The following are risk factors for breast cancer except:
  3. Your patient is pregnant and has three cats. You educate her that she should have someone else clean the litter box as there is an infection that can spread through cat feces that can be harmful to the unborn baby. The infection is called:
  4. All of the following are disadvantages of Combined Oral Contraceptives except:
  5. With irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), typically defecation:
  6. The Tanner scale divides sexual physical maturity into ________ stages
  7. Nonlatex condoms:
  8. A potentially toxic environmental substance is lead. In pregnancy, lead is a neurotoxin and can cause learning deficits and developmental delays. Lead is found in all of the following except:
  9. Prior to giving semen for an analysis, a male should be abstinent for:
  10. When medical therapy for heavy menstrual bleeding occurs, the following surgical management option(s) are available:
  11. All of the following are risk factors for fetal genetic or development abnormalities in maternal, paternal, and family history except:
  12. During pregnancy, blood volume:
  13. A complete male evaluation usually includes:
  14. Maura is pregnant and comes in for a visit. She tells you that she has never had chickenpox and is wanting to know if she should get the varicella vaccine today. You let her know that:
  15. The following gonadotropins are responsible for regulating gynecologic organ activities.
  16. Clara is a 67-year-old female who comes in requesting a pap smear. In gathering her history, she tells you all of her pap smears have been normal. Her last pap smear was at age 64.
  17. Paula is 30 weeks pregnant and is in your office today. She is very concerned about her stretch marks. She wants to know if there is anything, she can put on them to make them go away. She has seen a few products on infomercials and wonders if they work. You tell her:
  18. All of the following are barrier methods of contraception except
  19. The following are risk factors associated with acquiring HPV except:
  20. When the cervix softens in pregnancy, this is called:
  21. The following vaccine(s) is/are contraindicated in pregnancy:
  22. When presenting the laboratory tests that should be performed during the pregnancy it is important to let the woman know:
  23. During the second trimester, a test that is offered is the alpha-fetoprotein test. This test indicates:
  24. Taylor just found out she is pregnant. She has irregular periods so she is not exactly sure how far along she is, but she thinks it is pretty early. She asks you about ultrasound to find out how many weeks she is. You tell her that:
  25. With prepackaged lunch meat, hot dogs, pate, and meat spreads there is an increased risk of:
  26. It is believed that women acquire most of their bone mass
  27. Emergency contraception
  28. Contractions that may occur in early pregnancy are called:
  29. Ibandronate (Boniva, a medication for osteoporosis, can be administered:
  30. Progestin-only contraceptives are generally considered safer for women who:
  31. The following are foods to avoid during pregnancy except:
  32. A generic prenatal vitamin supplement should be prescribed and should include:
  33. When using FIGO staging for cancer of the ovary, fallopian tube, and peritoneum, Stage I means:
  34. When discussing contraception, LARC stands for:
  35. Women who have a history of immediate hypersensitivity to __________ should not receive the 4-valent or 9-valent HPV series.
  36. Transvaginal ultrasound can provide information about pregnancy viability _______ weeks after the LMP.
  37. The HPV vaccine is contraindicated in:
  38. Blood serum pregnancy tests can detect the presence of HCG ________ days after fertilization.
  39. The following is/are absolute contraindication(s) to estrogen use:
  40. The standard treatment for patients with vulvar cancer regardless of the stage of the disease is:
  41. In a male, the urethra carries ___________through the penis.
  42. When using the TNM system for staging cancers, the letters stand for:
  43. The bluish hue that the cervix takes on during pregnancy is called:
  44. Paula also asks you about the dark line that starts at her sternal notch and goes down toward the genitalia vertically. You tell her that is called _________ and that is normal in pregnancy and may appear due to increasing levels of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone.
  45. Laboratory testing that might be indicated to rule out vaginal discharge include:
  46. Ectopic pregnancy involves a pregnancy that implants:
  47. The following are warning signs of pregnancy except:
  48. Menarche usually occurs between the ages of:
  49. The current FDA approval limit for the copper IUD is:
  50. When a woman is pregnant and calculating the last menstrual period (LMP), it should be counted from:
  51. The most frequent causal finding(s) on laparoscopy for chronic pelvic pain is/are:
  52. Annabelle is a 17-year-old who came in to see you because she is concerned about a “lump” in her right breast. She first noticed it about a month ago and it has not changed in size since then. On exam you note the mass to be about 2 cm in diameter at about 7:00 on her breast. It feels well-delineated and is freely mobile. There is no nipple discharge. You decide to proceed with imaging. The best diagnostic imaging test for this patient would be:
  53. The following is a type of permanent contraception:
  54. Fetal heart tones can typically be initially heard with a handheld doppler by:
  55. When performing a semen analysis, the following is/are measured:
  56. A woman with a normal BMI of 18.5-24.9 should ideally gain ____________ pounds during pregnancy.
  57. The following are LARC methods of contraception except:
  58. Men have little or no measurable decline in fertility before age:
  59. The gold standard for assessing uterine bleeding and diagnosing endometrial cancer is:
  60. The following are presumptive signs of pregnancy except:
  61. The vaginal ring (Nuva ring) is:
  62. DMPA should be administered:
  63. Sometime in the last month of pregnancy, the fundal height drops slightly. This is called:
  64. When assessing fetal heart tones with the doppler, the normal range is:
  65. The quadrivalent HPV vaccine protects against HPV genotypes
  66. When a woman is lying down, it is best to lie _____________ to avoid hypotension and potential syncope.
  67. In a patient with irritable bowel syndrome, a diet that eliminates ___________ is recommended.
  68. To reduce risk of illness during pregnancy, fish and shellfish should be:
  69. The following is/are types of assisted reproductive technology:
  70. Urine pregnancy tests are considered to be:
  71. The following routines can help with sleep patterns:
  72. Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) is widely known as:
  73. Lauren comes into your office stating she thinks she might be pregnant. She missed a period and her breasts are tender. She has also been feeling a little nauseous. On gathering her history, she tells you her LMP was 6/14/2020 and that her periods are very regular on a 28 day cycle. You do a urine HCG and it is positive. Using Nagele’s rule, calculate her estimated due date.
  74. The following are preventive factors for the development of ovarian cancer:
  75. When using the Bethesda system to categorize epithelial cell abnormalities on pap smear, the term used when squamous cells do not appear completely normal, but it is not possible to determine the cause of the abnormal cells is;
  76. As women age, adipose tissue is redistributed and begins to accumulate in the:
  77. The three trisomies for which testing is offered during the second trimester are:
  78. WIC is a federally operated assistance program that also offers dietary counseling and provides vouchers for healthy foods for women living at or below 185% of the poverty level. WIC stands for:
  79. While there is no conclusive data on safe doses, caffeine intake during pregnancy should be limited to approximately ____________ mg daily.
  80. When taking alendronate (Fosamax) for postmenopausal osteoporosis,
  81. Progestin-only methods are:
  82. HPV can be spread through:
  83. The copper IUD is a T shaped device and
  84. Urogenital changes that can occur with menopause include:
  85. All women should be offered testing for cystic fibrosis carrier status during pregnancy. This test should be done:
  86. If a pregnant woman has traveled to areas where tuberculosis is common and is at risk, she should:
  87. Physiologic methods of contraception include:
  88. The following are differential diagnoses for pelvic pain that are of gynecologic origin except:
  89. Advantages off the Lactational Amenorrhea method include all of the following:
  90. The majority of vulvar malignancies are:
  91. Osteoporosis is characterized by:
  92. Ovarian reserve testing assesses a woman’s reproductive potential by:
  93. In the case that a biopsy has been recommended for a palpable breast mass, the procedure would most typically be:
  94. The greatest risk factor for ovarian cancer is:
  95. Carcinoma of the vulva is most often seen in women who are:
  96. The number one cause of mortality for both women and men in the United States is:
  97. Pelvic adhesions can be caused by:
  98. To reduce the discomfort of hot flashes with menopause, recommendations includes:
  99. The progestin implant is ____________ inserted into the upper arm.