BIOL 446 Exam 2 (100 out of 100 points)


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BIOL 446 Exam 2 – Question and Answers

  1. How do venomous pit vipers catch their prey? Explain with specific biochemical
  2. What are the biomolecules that are involved in oncogenesis? Explain with specific biomolecular processes you learned from your clinical insights.
  3. What is the biochemical process that leads to skeletal deformities? Explain with a specific example of a reaction that you learned from your clinical
  4. Erythropoietin is N-glycosylates in the following amino acid
  5. The permeability of a molecule through a membrane is affected by
  6. What biomolecules are effective cancer drugs? What is their biochemical mode of action?
  7. The physical process that aids in the formation of liposomes is
  8. How does a painkiller pill act to relieve pain and inflammation? Explain the biochemical 2-step process with the specific biochemicals involved from your clinical
  9. Fibrils in cellulose are joined by
  10. The cyclic formation of a carbohydrate is a reaction that involves
  11. Premature aging is caused by the improper attachment of the following hydrophobic group to proteins
  12. How does hemoglobin and sugars differ between diabetic and non-diabetic patients? Explain your answer in 3-4 sentences with biochemical
  13. Fehling’s solution provides a simple test to test sugars the following:
  14. The biochemical compound that binds to immune system cells to prevent inflammation are called:
  15. Sodium-potassium pump is dependent on the following enzyme:
  16. How do plants protect themselves from herbivory utilizing sugar biochemistry? Explain in 3-4 sentences the biochemical reactions involved:
  17. How do archaeon extremophiles tide over hostile living conditions? Explain your answer with the specific biomolecules involved.
  18. Oligosaccharides are synthesized by the following enzyme:
  19. What is the specific biochemical process that causes muscle weakness and osteoporosis? Explain the specific biomolecules
  20. What are the biochemical compounds that are altered during cholera? What are the biochemical processes that are affected?
  21. Lipid molecule motion can be visualized by the following technique:
  22. The chemical bond that increases membrane fluidity in a fatty acid chain is:
  23. The chemical bond that joins two monosaccharide units into disaccharides is
  24. Foxglove inhibits heart attack by the following biochemical process
  25. The accumulation of this compound causes mental retardation: