PSY 7713 Quiz 1 Unit 9 with Answers(100 out of 100 points)


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  1. A general case analysis is a systematic method for selecting teaching examples that represent the full range of stimulus variations and response requirements in the generalization
  2. A generalization map involves the combination of generalized treatment effects of across time, across settings, across behaviors, and across
  3. A guiding principle for promoting generalized behavior change includes:
  4. A naturally occurring contingency includes any contingency of reinforcement (or punishment) designed and implemented by a behavior analyst or practitioner to achieve acquisition, maintenance, and/or generalization of a targeted behavior
  5. A psychologist is teaching a woman with intellectual disabilities the skills that she needs to clean her Training sessions are conducted in the woman’s apartment, and the psychologist provides reinforcers when the woman demonstrates the proper cleaning skills. Which strategy for promoting generalization is the psychologist using?
  6. A teacher is helping a withdrawn child to increase his interaction with other students. The teacher has the other children in the classroom smile and compliment the child when he talks to The teacher also instructs the other children not to laugh when the withdrawn child has problems speaking. Which strategy for promoting generalization is the teacher using?
  7. Amanda, a typically developing two-year-old girl, has a father who is in the The last time her father was home, he was in uniform. Now, every time she sees a man in uniform, she says, “Daddy!” This is an example of:
  8. Changes in the behavior of people not directly treated by an intervention as a function of treatment contingencies applied to other people is known as generalization across
  9. Choosing only those behaviors to change that will produce reinforcers in the post- intervention environment is referred to as:
  10. In order to increase the probability that the target behavior will occur in all relevant situations following training, you should:
  11. In order to increase the probability that the target behavior will occur in all relevant situations following training, you should:
  12. In order to teach a child to interact in an appropriate way with other children, a psychologist involves other children in the training sessions. Which strategy for promoting generalization utilizes some aspect of the target situation in training?
  13. Including typical features of the generalization setting into the instructional setting is referred to as:
  14. Matthew’s baseball coach is helping him improve his During practice the coach has the pitcher throw fast balls, curve balls, and sliders so that Matthew experiences a variety of pitches and will be more likely to hit the ball successfully during a game. Which strategy for promoting generalization is the coach using?
  15. Stimulus generalization is more likely to occur:
  16. The actual amount of examples needed to be taught when teaching sufficient stimulus examples to a learner will depend on:
  17. The ripple effect and spillover effect refer to generalization across settings for an individual subject or
  18. The strategy of modifying natural contingencies of reinforcement and punishment is used when:
  19. The total environment where instruction occurs, including any aspects of the environment (planned or unplanned) that may influence the learner’s acquisition and generalization of the target behavior, is referred to as the generalization
  20. This is the extent to which a learner emits the target behavior in a setting or stimulus situation that is different from the instructional
  21. This is the extent to which a learner emits untrained responses that are functionally equivalent to the trained target behavior
  22. Tommy frequently grabs toys from other children when he wants them. A psychologist is working with Tommy in order to get him to politely ask for toys when he wants them, and to get Tommy to share his toys with other As a result, Tommy is learning to interact with other children in a more appropriate way, and his behavior is more likely to be reinforced. Which strategy for promoting generalization is being used?
  23. When using multiple exemplar training,
  24. Which of the following is true concerning generalization?