HLTH 4000 Exam – Week 6 (100 out of 100 Points)


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  1. Employee Suggestion Programs:
  2. Major federal law affecting HR primarily addresses:
  3. A “health service [that has] risks [that] outweigh its benefits” is the definition of which of the following terms?
  4. There are some health care provider organizations that have no internal customers.
  5. What is the department manager’s role in strategic planning?
  6. Total quality management (TQM), referred to as ________ in health care, became the new paradigm for quality improvement within the U.S. during the 1980s and 1990s.
  7. Under managed care, government and insurers have been forcing providers to operate on less money than they usually feel they need.
  8. Which of the following statements is/are true?
  9. An appropriate objective has just two components: what is to be done and how much is to be done.
  10. Flowcharting is a quality improvement technique used for ______.
  11. What is the purpose of the planning assumptions in development of the volume forecast?
  12. A vision statement provides a premise that leaders commit to and dramatize to others as a statement of what the organization is and strives to be.
  13. Who first promoted such basic sanitary precautions as washing hands, cleaning surgical tools, providing fresh bed linens, and ensuring hospital wards were clean?
  14. ______defines who is a customer in broad terms, and believes that any person or organization that is on the downstream end of a process is a customer.
  15. What is the purpose of tactical plans?
  16. The majority of hospital patients do not want:
  17. The “failure to provide a service whose benefit is greater than its risk” is the definition of which of the following terms?
  18. Planning is absolutely fundamental as a management function because it logically precedes all of the other management functions.
  19. HR decisions need to be strategic because of:
  20. “To Err Is Human” examined the high rate of medical errors in U.S. hospitals; such errors are due to which of the following?
  21. Strategic plans translate broad strategies into specific objectives and action plans.
  22. An example of a supporting plan that is driven by the strategic plan is:
  23. Excessive employee turnover has significant effects only on the cost of recruiting and placing replacement employees.
  24. Whenever possible, you should give your employees the authority to address and resolve customer complaints.
  25. Why is it important to consider innovations in technology in development of the strategic plan?