SPHE 314 Midterm Quiz Week 4 – APU


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SPHE 314 Week 4 Midterm Quiz – APU

  1. The multiple functions of the muscular system are performe by ______________type(s) of muscle:
  2. Which of the following is NOT considere a fuel nutrient?
  3. The layer of connective tissue surrounding the outside of the muscle is called:
  1. Protein can supply about 5 to 10% of the total energy needs during:
  2. The two main components of the nervous system are:
  3. The autonomic nervous system can be divided into two functional and anatomical divisions called:
  4. The respiratory exchange ratio (RER) is define as the ratio between the:
  5. The primary function of the cardiovascular system is:
  6. The heart’s main nutrient blood supply is provided via:
  7. An increase in heart rate that occurs in anticipation of competition is due to:
  8. Resting Heart Rate:
  9. Fatigue hinders performance by
  10. A sacomere is:
  11. Aerobic training results in which of the following changes in stroke volume?
  12. An increase in mechanical efficiency is a possible explanation for
  13. Much of the increase in blood volume during the first two weeks of an endurance train program results from increasing volume of red blood cells.
  14. Increases in resting metabolic rate after endurance training are most likely for people under 40 years of age.
  15. The ability of the heart to change its force of contraction. Therefore stroke volume in response to the changed venous return is call.
  16. Muscle hypertrophy refers to:
  17. Muscle atrophy may be define as:
  18. Muscular endurance is highly related to the development of:
  19. Aldosterone is responsible for maintaining appropriate sodium levels.
  20. Absolute strength gains are typically greatest in men.
  21. The body’s heating and cooling mechanisms are activate by the hypothalamus.
  22. The amount of energy expended for different activities varies with the intensity and type of exercise