PBHE 427 Week 4 Quiz – Question and Answers


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PBHE 427 Week 4 Quiz

  1. According to the lesson, the following study design collects data for specific populations living in a specific location at a particular time. This data is collect at the population level and not at the individual level.
  2. Retrospective studie are also known as:
  3. Which one of the following studies provides information about the prevalence of a risk factor or disease in a population?
  4. The case report includes the description of the following EXCEPT:
  5. ____________ addresses whether the results of a clinical trial can be generalize for use in the broader population.
  6. For cohort studies, to quantify the association between risk factors and disease, which ratio is use?
  7. If the relative risk is less than 1, then
  8. According to your lesson, cohort studies start with _____________ subjects having a disease and observing these people for a specific period
  9. In a case-control study, a risk ratio can estimate the relative risk, which is know as the
  10. The two goals of clincal trials is to establish ________ and ______ of a drug or procedure.
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