SEC 591 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 and 2, Quiz


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SEC 591 Week 3 Discussion 1, Recovery Strategy

Recovery Strategies (RS) are used to respond to business impacts outlined in the BIA. What considerations should be in place in addition to the BIA? Should the CPC be ….in to the strategy? How does leadership reflect upon the Recovery Strategy

SEC591 Week 3 Discussion 2, Data Backup Strategies

Data backups are critical to long-term business continuity. What would you consider to be core strategies related to data backup? How should backup, fault tolerance, and redundancy technologies ….in concert to guarantee the CIA of the information system?

sec 591 week 3

SEC 591 Week 3 Quiz 1

  1. {[TCO A] Who are key participants in the BIA?
  2. [TCO A] According to Toigo, what is the purpose of the Criticality Spectrum?
  3. [TCO B] According to Toigo, what are the two basic operations of Risk Analysis?
  4. [TCO B] What are the five goals of conducting a BIA? Identify each of them and describe their importance.

SEC 591 Week 3 Quiz 2

  1. [TCO A] Which is the appropriate relationship between assets and safeguards as expressed by the Threat Assessment Model?
  2. [TCO A] What is the TAM? Explain how the TAM is structured and how it would be used in the concept of Risk Analysis. Give an example.
  3. [TCO B] A BIA is:
  4. [TCO B] Contrast the role of the Contingency Plan Coordinator to an IT Manager.