SEC 591 Week 6 Discussion Question 1 and 2, Quiz


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SEC 591 Week 6 Discussion 1, Crisis Communication of Giuliani & Nagin

Research Rudolph Giuliani and C. Ray Nagin in the context of both their disasters that happened while holding the Office of the Mayor for New York City and New Orleans, respectively: 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Compare and contrast these two subjects given their communication to the public both during and after the disaster. What was different? How does controlled crisis communication affect DRP execution?

SEC 591 Week 6 Discussion 2, Crisis Communication Plan

What is the role of the Crisis Communication Plan (CCP) in the NIST SP800-34 Framework? Does a CCP differ from a press release? If so, how? Are shareholder or consumer or employee or public perceptions about your handling of a disaster important? What happens if the CCP is bad or does not exist at all?

SEC 591 Week 6 Quiz (Questions and Answers)

  1. [TCO E] Why are DRPs described as documented plans for executing a single recovery strategy?
  2. [TCO C] Define MTBF and its relationship to contingency planning activities.
  3. [TCO F] WAN recovery and contingency can be a complex design requirement. Discuss three options that companies should consider to ensure WAN availability. Write two to three sentences for each option you discuss.
  4. [TCO E]When a DRP is activated after a “disaster” is declared, there are at least four processes that need to begin. List four of the initial processes and describe the function of each.

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