SEC 591 Week 4 Course Project, Business Impact Analysis


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SEC 591 Week 4 Course Project, Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Omega Research has their main branch in Reston, VA. Furthermore, there are also three other branches located in Kansas City, San Diego and Salem. Omega has not yet ventured in business to business relations nor any form of e-commerce. It deals with offering both consultancy and research(Hiles, 2002). The company has marketed itself as service based. Most of its revenue are from deposits, which the company is then able to fund clients. Most of the requests are handled through physical contact and phone calls. Balancing of books, and having a direct and responsive link between clients and the service providers plays an integral part………..

SEC 591 Week 4 Discussion 1, Should We Disrupt Operations to Test

Section 3.5 of the SP800-34-rev1 discusses the importance of testing, classroom, and functional exercises; this week in lecture we touched on the various types of testing that DRPs undergo. How much testing is appropriate? How is success measured?

SEC 591 Week 4 Discussion 2, Auditing the DRP to Standards

Evaluate the following documents:
1.  AIRMIC ERM & ISO31000 
 note this site requires an e-mail address to obtain the document for personal use only. So this reference is optional.
2.  ISO 17799 Security Standard (
3. NIST 800-34 rev1

How could a firm use each of these standards? Are they redundant? Do they serve separate purposes? Which would you be likely to deploy or use, and why? Are there other standards or sources of information that would be useful?