SEC 591 Course Project, Discussion Question Week 7


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SEC 591 Week 7 Course Project, Omega Research Inc.

Information systems are vital to Omega Research Inc. business processes; therefore, it is critical that services provided by Omega Research Inc. are able to operate effectively without excessive interruption. This Information System Contingency Plan (ISCP) establishes comprehensive procedures to recover Omega Research Inc. ISCP quickly and effectively following a service disruption…..

SEC 591 Week 7 Discussion 1, Securing a Crime scene

Examine the “five steps” to the evidentiary process if the incident caused a severe outage. How does this process grain against the impulse of the IT Manager or Contingency Plan Coordinator? How does the Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP, NIST SP800-34) address this problem?

SEC 591 Week 7 Discussion 2, Understanding the exceptions

Review the U.S. Department of Justice document explaining the Fourth Amendment protections in context of preparing electronic evidence. What are some noteworthy issues, recommendations, observations, or comments you have regarding these exceptions?

SEC 591 Course projectsec 591 week 7 course project